Mahindra Mojo

I like Italian designs a lot.
I like Ferrari, Ducati, Alfa Romeo, Lamborghini a lot but this bike was also designed in Italy and is a complete piece of crap by looking it in design wise. I am sorry but it looks like a mixture of telescope eye fish and stick insect.
Hence I have resigned it and renamed the silly appearing mojo as Nuke. Click to view the original size.




Ducati StreetFighter 2011

Ducati StreetFighter 2011

1. Manual art with pencil and A4 sheet
2. Create a background with gradient tool
3. Paste the bike in the background
4. Open with Lightroom and add some effects
5. Open with Photoshop add lensflare for headlamp and add signature

Ferrari 615 Scaglietti

Ferrari 615 Scaglietti. Successor to the 612.

Initial design. Drawn in a A4 paper with a pencil

Take a photograph of the drawing. Select the required part and edit in photoshop. Select the grain area and use smart blur to remove it.

Final output

You can add lens flare

The manual drawing alone took 1.5hrs. Photoshop designing took about 3hrs

Mclaren Mercedes SLR – Stirling Moss 2011

Step 1:
Picture drawn on paper with HB, H pencils

Step 2:
Darken the area using photoshop

Step 3:
Using photoshop, add lens flare and other effects, Darken background and shadow area

Step 4:
Use Lightroom add effects, Increase sharpness and reduce noise.
Open photoshop and add signature

Ford Mustang – GT 550

Step 1:

Drawing on plain paper with HB pencil

Step 2:

Take photograph of the drawn object. Resize the object. Open Photoshop and select the background and dark it.

Step 3:
Open Lightroom > Use noise reduction to reduce harsh edges.
Add some effects.

open Photoshop > Add signature

Chevrolet Camaro


Step 1: Drawing on white paper using HB pencil

Step 2:
Open the picture on Photoshop. Select the car and select inverse selection. Use paint bucket and apply dark colour to the background

Step 3:
Change the colour of the car by selecting it.
After changing the colour, use brightness and contrast to suit your taste.

Step 4:

Darken the area

Step 5:

To add light effects, Render -> Lens flare.
Final touch up and signature