Car log

Baleno Alpha 1.2 Petrol Manual

First service: Nov 12th 2017

KM: 1200 (First free service)

  1. Normal mineral Oil changed (Shell)
  2. Oil filter changed
  3. Wind shield fluid concentrate added
  4. Brake fluid top-up done
  5. Clutch adjustment performed since the vehicle stalls very easily in first gear
  6. Misc: Water washed, interior cleaned

Cost: Rs: 1777 (including 2 Micro Fiber towels, 7 Wind shield fluid concentrate and Metal wheel caps)

KM: 3100 (Feb 26th 2018)

  1. Oil topped up
  2. Wind shield fluid topped up
  3. Applied petroleum jelly on Battery terminals
  4. Radiator coolant topped up
  5. Brake fluid topped up

KM: 4150 (Mar 10th 2018). Serviced in Nexa Service (Ambal Auto), Erode. (Second free service)

  1. Oil change
  2. Oil filter change
  3. Cabin Air filter change