Paying road tax in Pune for out of state vehicles

India is a rubbish country mainly because of the people and because of the laws. When you want to get any of your work done from the Govt (such as new vehicle registration, getting license, passport, paying road tax etc) you really get lot of headache. These are the following you will encounter:

  1. Waste lot of time traveling and meeting the govt officials.
  2. Most Govt officials behave like they are from some other planet and inline with Gods. No kidding !
  3. There is no clear information about the requirement. Not even the govt officials have full details.
  4. Govt websites are a joke. Usually there will be not enough information or it contain a language other than English such as some local state language which none from the other state understands.
  5. Even the Govt office boards does not contain English. This is very true except few places for example in Tamil Nadu where English is given greater importance over Hindi.
  6. You may need to pay bribe.

Most of the laws are very old. Some dates back in the 1950s. How relevant is 1950s law in 2016 ? Just think about it.

Okay sorry about the rant. When you purchase a new vehicle in India. You pay a life time road tax. That road tax is applicable to the state where you have purchased your vehicle. When move to a different state, you have to pay the road tax in the new state also. However, if you permanently move from one state to another, you can get a refund of your road tax amount from the state where you paid.

Things needed to pay road tax:

  1. House rent agreement – Registered document only (Notary house rent agreement is not accepted).
  2. Proof of date of transferring the vehicle. If you have transferred through packers and movers. Take a photocopy of it.
  3. Vehicle pollution certificate (PUC). You can get in Pune. Pollution certificate is valid for 6 months only. Cost is only around Rs: 35.
  4. Form FT
  5. Photocopy of Vehicle Registration document.
  6. Your vehicle’s invoice. This is needed to calculate your Road tax.
  7. Vehicle not stolen print. For this you need to fill your vehicle’s details in the web form and take printout:
  8. Take surplus cash. Note the RTO office is all old school. They would not accept your credit or debit card.


This is more relevant if you pay the road tax in Pune RTO (near Sangam wadi bridge)

  1. Reach RTO office by 11AM. Most officials only come by that time.
  2. Fill Form FT and get the imprint of your vehicle’s chassis details in the Form FT on the top right side.
  3.  Get Form FT signed by the assistant RTO.
  4. Once signed, go to the place where you need to provide all your proofs to pay the road tax.
  5. The official will calculate the road tax of your vehicle. Your vehicle’s road tax depends on two factors: cost of the vehicle – Number of years old.
  6. If you vehicle is very old (say 10 years), the depreciation will be also high. Your road tax will be lower.
  7. Once you get the road tax amount calculated, you need to go to counter 23 and stand in queue and pay the amount.
  8. Once paid, you will get a receipt and that is it 🙂

Other points

  1. Patience: Lots of them. Prepare to wait in long line of queue.
  2. Respect: Yes pay respect to the RTO and sub officers otherwise you would not be able to get your job done. Yes very bad. Who said India is a democratic country ?
  3. Prepare to take plenty of water and make sure to eat well in the morning. You certainly don’t want to stand for hours with your empty stomach.
  4. Take plenty of cash and lots of change.
  5. When you enter the Road transport Office (RTO), you will be greeted (I want to put it nicely :-P) with a horde of agents. Just don’t notice them. Go to the parking lot and park your vehicle.


  1. My Vehicle’s number will be changed ? No. You are only paying road tax and not De-registering your vehicle from the original state.
  2. What about NOC (No objection certificate)? NOC is not required if you are going to stay temporarily in Pune.
  3. Validity of the road tax ? This is a life time road tax
  4. Is there any catch ? Yes. Legally with this Pune road tax you can only drive for an year (from the day you brought your vehicle). If you want to drive after that, you need a no objection certificate from the Road transport office where you have brought your vehicle.


With the above steps, you can pay the road tax without involving any agent or paying bribe.