Yamaha R15 – R6 dash



altered. r6 tail to r15

yamaha_r15_monster 3


16 thoughts on “Yamaha R15 – R6 dash

  1. Hi i have a r15 and i am lookin to alter the r15 tail to r6 can u let me where and how much will it cost…. You can also contact me via phone on 09886349767..

    • Dear nahid. sorry to tell you this.

      See, I have no idea regarding the price or availability. you can visit the Yamaha website and email them for the price. Here its only a pshop creativity. I dont know whether it can be practically applicable or not.

  2. thats really awsome !
    i would request you to join the design team for yamaha india….and also tell them about bike prices usually here(so that its not so costly to buy one)
    about the design…this is the design which should be launched…coz it luks like a true sports bike, unlike the present one which luks like any other 150cc bike from behind.
    great idea !

    • Don’t worry yamaha will upgrade the R15 to something more good looking. Thanks for the compliments though 🙂

  3. it’s a nice creativity i liked it very much…hope it’s applicable too……it looks great..if u want to alter the tail then use r1 tail it’s applicable and it looks really great……check out clubyamahar15.com

    • The R15-R6 dash is a pure photoshop edit. I do not know whether its possible or not. Please check your local custom bike builders it might be possible.

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