Bajaj pulsar modified

Once again make a note that these are some of the photoshop mods and are not real physical mods

Honda CBR600RR (16)

Honda cbr 2008 600








pulsar repsol black






10 thoughts on “Bajaj pulsar modified

  1. Hello,

    I was searching for modified ( graphically) bikes in india. Recently i purchased a Honda Unicorn, I am very eager to modify it. But i was not able to find such a post in your website. Could you please suggest me some designs.

    • Hi bhaskar can u post of picture of your unicorn. or anyother unicorn photo. Getting a high resolution picture is very tough and not easily available in the net

  2. One more question. Is the first picture in this “Bajaj pulsar modified” section a modified pulsar or an original cbr? If its a pulsar how was it modified and where was it done. I am residing in Trivandrum , kerala.

  3. hiii, i recently bought pulsar 220 n i put engine cover having black220. i need nice graphics to be done on it. pls show some nice designs for black pulsar 220

  4. Dude u r awesome..i seriously want some graphics for my P220dtsi, black…can v work it out plz…what do u charge..plz reply on my mail

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