Yamaha R15 custom paint works

This is my first post and i will add more images in the future on various bikes. Yamaha R15 is modded with some “race inspirations”.










yamaha_r15_west 2

the below is not created by me but downloaded from the net itself.



10 thoughts on “Yamaha R15 custom paint works

  1. hey can u create one with that copper color (kind of like the one the swift comes in) … i was thinkin bout that color on my r15, jus wondering if u could do one for me so i can see it. Thanks alot man…

  2. pls pls give me some suggestion for my yellow r15!!! i need to get it painted but pls help me out by showing some new designs as such u’ve done it for white n red r15

  3. i’ve gt a blue 2010 r15. i ws wondering hw wld body flames go with it or some agressive animal design like they use in US attack choppers. cld u plz think of some designs

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